Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monkey Business

I was asked to create a gift for a friend's daughter's teacher that is going to lose her job at the end of the school year...which is a few days away! With only words to describe what the teacher means to each of the students, a monkey theme and a class photo, I had to come up with something clever! I used this program online called Wordle, in which you enter a bunch of words and it makes a little montage! It's very fun! I wanted to think of something a little bit more grown up for the parents to express their thoughts, so i decorated a mini album, and left the pages blank inside for them to write on! I was very happy how it all turned out and I hope the teacher loves it!


  1. You did the most awesome job!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. I love the Monkey theme you came up with. It is so CUTE! That was a lot of information to put together in a very creative way! You're so talented! Love everything you do!